Teaching yoga to hens

During the summer months, I find myself being called to remote locations in the Peak District, usually to a grassy area, to teach yoga to a group of characterful hens. Of course, I mean hens of the bridal-party species! Sometimes, it’s not a hen party, but a family getaway – either way, it’s a lovely group activity that is suitable for everyone and ends with a dollop of relaxation. What’s not to love?! If this is something you’re curious about, read on to find out what this involves (from my perspective, and that of the group).

What does it involve?

Whatever the occasion, a private group yoga session is special. It’s my job to make sure that everybody who’s joining in feels comfortable and, most of all, enjoys it. With ages ranging from toddlers to grandmas, I’ve taught such diverse groups; yoga is accessible to all, provided the content and teachings are appropriate – this is one of my main aims, no matter where or whom I’m teaching.

When I’m booked to teach a private group session, it’s helpful for me to know the context and demographic. I’ll ask how many people will be participating, and if there are any special requirements. If it’s a hen party, for example, I love to know if the bride-to-be enjoys yoga herself and, if so, what type of yoga she’s used to practicing and if there are any postures that she particularly loves. This way, I can truly tailor the session to the group and the star!

If it’s a particularly active group of people, it might be that a more energising class is on the cards; some groups like to experience the philosophical/spiritual side of a yoga practice; and most groups ultimately want to feel relaxed! It is, after all, an exceptional way to chill out 😉

In advance, I will email a booking confirmation form to secure the session. Depending on the venue, it might be that the session can only go ahead if the weather is dry as it has to take place outdoors. Some venues have enough room indoors; it’s helpful for me to know the exact details so I can check it out for suitability indoors/outdoors. It can make it easier for the group to pay in advance (so, if due to inclement weather the session is cancelled a full refund will be given). Equally, some groups prefer to pay on the day, and I’m happy with either arrangement.

On the day

The only thing that the group has to do is show up! I try to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time so that I can set up the yoga area. I bring enough mats for everybody, and scope out the scenery so that (if it’s outdoors) everybody can enjoy the best view possible during the practice.

Hungover? No problem! Trust me – it’s a rare hen party yoga session where there isn’t one sore head in sight. Sometimes, these poor souls can just enjoy lying on the mat (in the sunshine if we’re lucky) and join in the breathing practice. Others actually feel a bit better for joining in! The thing is, this really is the group’s time – I’ve had some groups collectively flag halfway through so we enjoyed an extra-long relaxation instead!

What people say

Don’t just take my word for it – here are some testimonials from those who’ve enjoyed their own private group yoga session in the Peak District.

“Thank you SO much for your wonderful class! The girls absolutely loved it and it was the perfect start to our weekend. You pitched it amazingly well and we all felt very zen for our weekend ahead!”

(Amelia – session in June 2019)

A perfect private family group yoga session. Added a lovely morning of calm to our holiday and enjoyed by all from 4 years to 70 years! Enjoyed it so much we’re doing the same for our next holiday…shame it’s not the Peak District or I’d definitely be booking Heather again!

(Eleanor – session in May 2019)

If you’d like to make an enquiry about booking your own private group yoga session, please visit my classes page for more details.

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